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March 08 2017

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Illustration by Miho Okuzawa



March 07 2017

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Elise Huzjak


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ll Ray Of Light ✝ ll

Celebrating Madonna’s Ray Of Light 19th Anniversary. My early MUSE.The 80s really get me somehow.

I’m trying the tone down my color palate a bit cause neon colors have its limited.

Website l Tumblr l Instagram

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A digital illustration of the Korean letter ㅎ in the form of a cute cupcake, a sad 🍰 cake, and a happy donut. 🍩

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In these trying times know that I’ll be here rooting for you every step of the way ✨

IG: tailormoblee |  Prints  

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Deep swimming with friends
Artwork by Michele Cazzaniga

Website - Instagram - Facebook 

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This illustration is part of a series of zodiac signs. I used pen and pencil drawings and edited them in photoshop. This collage is for the sign cancer. 

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my crib ain’t got service!


püll up pull up pull up

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Betrayal | 2015

Inspired by a real story of an unreal friendship.

TumblrΙnstagram / Facebook / Website / YouTube  

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I’m an American illustrator learning Japanese, so I thought I’d combine the two to make something fun.  Like peanut butter and chocolate.

Instagram: @kurisusumisu

March 06 2017

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Rebeca Losada, 2017.



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