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Introducing: EatSleepDraw Studio


EatSleepDraw was created on December 7th, 2007, and has become one of the largest user submitted blogs on Tumblr. From day 1, we’ve thought of EatSleepDraw as more of a finely curated art gallery and a place for inspiration, then as a blog. Incredibly, EatSleepDraw has been publishing art about once every hour, 24 hours a day, for the last 10 years.

By far, the number one question we get asked is, When is my art going to be posted? Followed closely by the question, What do you think of my art?”

Well, today we change all that.

We’re expanding off Tumblr and creating a new online art community. This new community is called EatSleepDraw Studio.  

Expanding off Tumblr will give us the opportunity to feature more Artists and have more meaningful conversations about art.

EatSleepDraw Studio will allow you to: 

  • Immediately post your Art to a topic and get feedback. 
  • Discover fellow artists in your area. 
  • Communicate with artists of similar interests. 
  • Share ideas, techniques, and experiences.

We’re unbelievably excited for the new chapter for EatSleepDraw and hope you sign up and join EatSleepDraw Studio today!

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