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March 09 2017

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Jayne” by Shelby Kahr

tumblr  |  instagram

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“Sanctuary” by Aubrey Brown

9"x12" mixed media on plywood

See more of my artwork on my blog

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Skyline View by Daniel Osborne, 2017

March 08 2017

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Just a retro punk girl

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Ephimeral 2016
Coloured Pencils on Paper

Instagram: @alexandralynjohnston

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Floral Bouquet by Mariery Young 

Follow me at

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“Frog and the Croc” by Tim Jones

Instagram: @imaginationjones

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Flower Crown Tortoise // KestleLane

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Tigerrarium (Watercolor) ~ Faryn Hughes

Tumblr || Facebook || Society6 || Instagram

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I drew this illustration to show my support for Linda Sasour and the Women’s March Organization! March 8th 2017 #DayWithoutAWoman

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I’m that person who can’t grasp people’s urge to be instantly “famous” and “talented”.

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This Is How I Show My Love

Artwork for original series

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Muzik Boy

Explore, like and share. Thanks !

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acrylic on canvas, by @ainoday.

If you’d like, you can check out more of my work at or

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By: Yen Nguyen

Follow them on Tumblr!

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By: Yen Nguyen

Follow her on Tumblr!

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Following Leon On the Saturn


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