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March 06 2017

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Indifferent Panther

By: Carl Norin

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Wall-E & Eva

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Arboreals.Winter 4 of 4

‘Cornus.Yard’ Watercolor, Pen 8″x10″ Jan. 2017

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Bruna MassadasTelephone (4/50), 2015–Present.

Learning to speak English was hard — and still is — but nothing gives me more anxiety than hearing the phone ring. Who is calling? What will they say? Will I be able to answer their questions, and, most importantly, will I even understand the person on the other side of the line? This is what paralyzes me: the phone removes all visual aids; I must rely purely on language.

Inspired by my experience as an immigrant, I have been using the phone as a motif in my pieces for the past couple of years. I am fascinated with verbal communication experienced through exclusively visual means, exploring what is gained or lost when words are left to the imagination. Telephone is a series of fifty oil pastel portraits of women talking on the phone, where visual elements provide clues to each character’s personality, but the dialogue is left to be imagined by the viewer. In these pieces, I am creating an inverted telephone experience: meaning is attained by what is seen, not what is heard.

The visual world of Telephone resists a homogenous portraiture style, ranging from representational to more abstract, each portrait exhibiting a wide range of character types, moods, and settings. This diversity in subject, along with discrepancy in style, reminds of James Ensor’s crowded paintings of manic faces — but unlike Ensor, my figures exist on their own, like magnified fragments from one of his worlds. Yet the effect of this separation is not solitude, but celebration: these women, given their own stages, are elevated to a monumental stature, much like the massive, totemic heads that adorn the Carnaval floats of my hometown of Rio de Janeiro. In this way, I envision the Telephone portraits as one big parade, where the true spectacle is the many faces that emerge from the crowd.

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pine trees & polyhedrons

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Minimal Movie Posters by

Dutch designer CHUNGKONG remakes film posters. A lot (+750 titles so far).
These are his posters for 2017 oscars nominees.

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Anthony, My Anthony
inspired by ep. 25 of  anime Candy Candy 🌹

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Tiki Papier in #Gucci. #theworldsmostfashionablepaperdoll

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March 05 2017

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Art by Japa

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Seconds turn to hours - Nina Limarev

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‘binary thug’ - 18x24"  300gsm

alan williamson

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kazimir malevich suprematism

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Thank you for your time :)

Instagram: @arthi98 ( )

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This is a watercolor i did.

not my original work.I tried to copy german artist Detlev nitcshke’s painting.

I am 14 years old.Hope you like it :D

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A Wizards Warning - scottuminga

(I saw pink skies in the morning, “sailors warning” and I like to think I’m magical so it’s a wizard)

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Tom Moore creates surrealist illustrations that use visual metaphor as the primary means of communication. He creates dramatic scenes that use mood and atmosphere to establish emotionally charged, immersive environments that explore concepts.

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Audrey admiring the Tiffany’s display

Minimal isometric illustration of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961) by chrisphillips25

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